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Gretchen! You and your projects art are truly an inspiration! Thank you. :-)
Catherine Taron - 16 May 2014
I've spoken with Kim at Le Soleil who mentioned you were moving back to Metchosin - YAY! I only attended one Summer Solstice party at your old place but I think of you every day when I look at my beautiful paintings. Just signed up for your Postcard Project!
Vakery Saunders - 25 Jun 2012
I had a few minutes today and took a peek at Sunrise mornings. Loved the way they were displayed in months and Particularly liked moody February.
Shirley - 9 Jun 2012
Hey, Gretchen! It's Chad from Staples in Halifax. After a 12-hour long shift, it was great to have a look at these drawings. Glad to see Nova Scotia gave you some inspiration. ;)
Chad Cottreau - 28 Feb 2012
I'm Gretchen's big brother and I'm very proud of her. This sight bears testament to her artistic genius, her command of technology, and her tenacity. What other wonders do the coming years bear?
John Vincent Markle - 5 Sep 2011
A few years back when we lived in Victoria, we saw a painting of some Arbutus trees that Gretchen had painted and sadly SOLD! We loved it so much that we said to Gretchen that for whatever reason should it ever come back to her she must give us a call and so we left her our number. A short month later, the lady who purchased it returned it as it did not fit her space. Gretchen called us and to this day it inspires us and our guests in our Cape Cod home!
Jon & Carol Hansson - 9 Aug 2011
I am admiring my little pastel oil several times a day. i put it on my easel, for now, where i can see it from my kitchen sink, into the sun room.I am carefull it is not in direct sunlight. I absolutely love it.I know what detail is involved to achieve every tiny detail.I can hear the beach every time i look upon it. thankyou so much.
deborah bowles - 22 Jul 2011
Gretchen, I am so pleased to have you living in our area now, because selfeshly i will get to see more of your work. I have been a serious art lover for over 20 years now, seen many exibits.and works since ce that time, know about art technique,and have found in your work that wow factor. you are going to be an artist we wish we had purchesed from,when we could.lovely website.congradulations.
Deborah Bowles - 27 Jun 2011
Hello Gretchen !! This is Joella from the Naked North Gallery and Gifts in Dryden, ON! I love your work... in one word "Beautiful"! Very nice meeting... you can check out my blog at Creatively Yours, Joella
Joella Notte - 21 Aug 2010
Great website and beautiful art. Enjoyed the Camino series and all the other paintings as well. Thanks for inspiring me!! Esther
Esther White - 6 Apr 2010
Jim Page forwarded an image of yours to me which I liked well enough to google you and lo! ravens on your home page! An auspicious sign. This is wonderful work you're doing.
Pamela Woodland - 23 Dec 2009
Well, I'm glad I got to know you just a tiny bit Gretchen, before being overwhelmed by your imagery. There are insufficient words to describe what you so eloquently have accomplished in each and every image on this site. I will sleep with my mind full of sunrises and landscapes out of a multiple parallel set of universes. Your work is beautiful. Thank you. Ian
Ian Anderson - 18 Oct 2009
I heard your interview on CBC then saw the exhibit at Martin Bachelor Studio. Your Camino images are fabulous and took me right back to my 300km trek on the Camino. thank you. Doreen
Doreen McConachie - 22 Jun 2009
I heard about your work on NXNW with Sheryl Mackay so looked up the website. I have thought about the Camino for years but so far not had that experience. I loved the paintings. Will try to see them on my next trip to Victoria later this week. The Sunrise Project makes me think of my morning walks (I live in Comox). What a wonderful way to record the sky. The wall layout was a terrific solution for your presentation!! Congratulations. I have done 'seasons' of favourite trees and such, as well as photos of storm skies here. Each place has unique sky patterns. I loved the sky in Florence for that reason... clouds just like in the old masters' paintings. Thank you and hats off to you.
Valerie Heath - 27 May 2009
Gretchen! Your work is amazing! Great job and I hope you were inspired by our hike as much as I was!
Francis - 6 May 2009
Thank you so much for the card you left. Sunflowers are my favorite as are the colours, you could not have given me anything more beautiful. I have framed it and hung it in my home. Love the website. You are truely a gifted artist. I will be sure to attend a showing if ever you are back in the area or better yet at the Banff Centre. Best Wishes, Rachel
Rachel Macnaughton - 13 Feb 2009
What truly beautiful work Gretchen! I love your sunrise project -- can they be seen enlarged?
sheila lunan - 14 Oct 2008
Gretchen I just stumbled upon your website through Laundrylist.Org. Beautiful paintings/pastels!
Marty Russell Hade - 14 Apr 2008
I have kept one of your cards for years (California Blue Mussel). I found it in my studio the other day and since this is now the age of the internet I decided to 'google you'! I was not disappointed. I am challenged to get back at it!
Heather Parlane - 4 Mar 2008
Love the new sunflowers...makes me long for summer!
Jessie Taylor Dodd - 12 Feb 2008
Gretchen! a great web-site of you and your work - CONGRATULATIONS! Love it all! Audrey - February 5/2008
audrey riller - 5 Feb 2008
Gretchen, lovely to see your work on this site. I'm in love with your "Camas Field", there is so much life and colour in your work!
Kyra Crouzat - 3 Dec 2007
Hello Gretchen! It is nice to see your work again, it is a wonderful site!
Heather Smith - 23 Nov 2007
Super art, super site. Hope you find room in the gallery for some earlier things (Royal Bay series, the developers feast...).
Frank Mitchell - 22 Nov 2007
Looks great Gretchen! The Sunrise Project looks fabulous!
Lorraine Betts - 15 Nov 2007
Its wonderful to see so many of your works at once, in such a well-designed site. Loved the "just for fun" and "favourite things" as well as the landscapes and sunflowers. Congratulations!
Vicki Postl - 1 Nov 2007
"The Sunrise Collection" What a fantastic concept and a true exploration of yourself as you interpret the world from your window. Thanks for sharing - and it looks really effective laid out the way you have it.
Amie Roman - 30 Oct 2007
I'm in awe - your work ranges from profound to playful! Your voice sings with colour Gretchen. Bravo.
Jennifer Weber - 11 Oct 2007
What a treat it is to see your work so beautifully displayed. Great!! Sally Garcelon
Sally Garcelon - 11 Oct 2007
Wonderful work ... wonderful site. So glad to see it all, Gretchen. And thanks for all your helpful mentoring. Terry
Terry Elrod - 10 Oct 2007
Congratulations, Gretch! The site looks great and showcases your beautiful art beautifully. Your sunrise series has found a good virtual home.
Chiarina - 10 Oct 2007
Beautiful Gretchen ! Your paintings are marvellous and the site is very professionnal, very completed and so nice to consult ! Félicitations, je mets ton site dans mes favorits...
Louise Phaneuf - 9 Oct 2007
What a treat to spend the better part of this morning enjoying your paintings! Thank you, Gretchen.
Sharron Milstein - 8 Oct 2007
great colour, layout, good luck with this, I hope it brings you to the world as your work deserves to be... smsteele
smsteele - 7 Oct 2007
I am very impressed! It's a nice clean site with a lot of impact. I will pass the site along to family and friends.
John Markle - 6 Oct 2007
How wonderful to finally be able to visit with your beautiful work and make others aware of the magical ways you share thought-provoking stories about the natural world through your art!
Cindy Moyer - 6 Oct 2007
Hi Gretchen, It looks wonderful!! very cool!! Kay
Kay - 6 Oct 2007
Wonderful site, wonderful art, wonderful friend! Congratulations Gretchen on your recent show, and on this global exhibit! Daphne
Daphne Donaldson - 6 Oct 2007
it looks awesome! very professsional and excellent image quality! so nice to see it all there. you've worked hard, this is long overdue. love lucy
lucy schappy - 3 Oct 2007
Gretchen, it looks great! Leslie
Leslie Clark - 3 Oct 2007
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